7 ways to improve your OTRS

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Don’t we just all get frustrated when the system we are using lacks bits and pieces? We can all relate to a situation when the software we are using faces malfunctions or simply requires us to dig deep into numerous customer queries or other programs. Doing all the work manually can be frustrating, while we could simply rely on some affordable and ready-made solutions





I bet most people sitting on the support lines can relate to the problem. Lack of information, miscommunication, trying to get all the puzzles together, failing to respond within a specific time frame, etc. The truth is, our help desk teams are the backbone of every business. What kind of tools can make their jobs easier and more productive? Here’s a list of a few suggestions we have for OTRS users, based on a collection of feedback we received over the years.


Advanced Stop SLA

This supported by version 5 and 6 add-on helps to increase the efficiency of ticket management by pausing the escalation time of a ticket on specific conditions, which are set according to ticket attributes, such as queues, states, dynamic fields, etc. A process allowed thanks to the add-on – Manual StopSLA, appears to be extremely useful when, for instance, a customer has issued a ticket/incident, but our IT staff or front-line reps need more information from the customer and ask for it. In the case of IT services, if a user does not get back to us, we may face breaching the SLA. Advanced StopSLA gives you a chance to exclude external factors which you do not have control over.


Admin Queue Service

Aren’t some of us just tired of receiving wrongly addressed tickets? Forwarding tickets back and forth, pushing the responsibility onto someone else? Fighting with other departments over petty things because a ticket hit the wrong department or representative? Admin Queue Service add-on allows linking services to the queues they should belong to. This way it limits the number of possible services and facilitates quicker problem or incident resolution. It helps agents and clients to create tickets faster and more accurately. The add-on is supported by OTRS version 3.3., 4, 5 and 6.


Agent Chat

Sharing and exchanging information with teammates in real time, especially when we face troublesome situations, is key. Agent Chat is a perfect option if you are looking for both communication between two agents or among groups. The package allows you to check the history of conversation to obtain important information. It is displayed in each OTRS view, so you can work and chat at the same time. The add-on works for all versions of OTRS, starting from 5.0.14 up to version 6.


Customer Chat

Finding the right information fast is one thing but being able to interact with your customers is another. Today, customers expect to be served asap, their issues solved within minutes, they want information now and they are serious about it. No wonder, we all want to be treated best if we are to trust someone with our money. Customer chat for OTRS is an add-on that enables engaging with users via live chat, giving you a tool to provide them with feedback immediately. But it is not dedicated to communicating with end-users only as, within the same add-on, a chat among agents and their groups is enabled. Similarly to Agent Chat, it is displayed in each OTRS view, giving you the possibility to exchange information and browse for more at the same time. And yes, that’s right! It’s a 2in1 feature. Compatible with OTRS version 5.





Customer Portal

Don’t we just all strive to use software that looks pleasant and is packed with useful functions? We want the systems we use to reflect the company’s colors, logo, even the DNA. Customized software that brings the feel of an office inside our PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones certainly adds that to the sense of belonging. Especially for our customers, they should always be able to identify our brand at a glance. Additionally, the Customer Portal add-on allows admins to add predefined links which can lead to new prefilled ticket creation views, navigate through OTRS and open external pages. The feature is available for OTRS v5.


Agent Article Attachment Remove

Supported by versions 4, 5 and 6, the Agent Article Attachment Remove add-on solves the problem of complete removal of ticket attachments. The installed package includes a dedicated view to display ticket attachments and remove them from the Agent Ticket Zoom if needed. You can also obtain a history record of deleted attachments.


Dynamic Field File

Dynamic fields are special kinds of fields in OTRS. They are created in order to extend the information kept in a ticket or article. Even though, the previous versions of similar solutions available on different websites limited the number of dynamic fields, the new add-on onotrsaddons.com is free of such limitations. The add-on is available for OTRS versions 5 and 6.



The mentioned OTRS add-ons, available on Add-ons for OTRS website, are a part of our premium collection dedicated to solving some of the most common issues. By working with industry giants, we have learned the importance of customization and being able to bring the value that matters and can be a game-changer for some help or service desk teams. If you haven’t found an add-on that solves the issue you are facing, worry not. Contact us directly to explain what exactly you are looking for. If something’s not there, it does not mean it cannot be created. Our OTRS gurus are up for the challenge!


If you are looking for bundles, we do offer such as well. Our devs are also available for hire remotely or can visit your office and do the work there if you need an implementation you can’t handle or prefer to trust experts.



New add-ons available soon

We are currently working on several new packages to enhance the premium collection. The long-awaited Chat Bot add-on that will expand the Customer Chat features. Chatbots are already a thing for different areas of business. They help our teams save time on responding to the most frequently asked questions like what’s happening with my package, what payments options you offer, general queries regarding services, etc. Your OTRS-using reps will now be able to focus on solving the complex issues that require human intervention. Stay tuned for the Agent Dashboard add-on that brings a lighter look and feels to the OTRS you are using.

Visit the Add-ons for OTRS website for more information or contact us directly via info@otrsaddons.com

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