Our history dates back to 2011. Three men passionate about software joined OPGK Rzeszów S.A. – a renowned and valued company within the geodesy sectors. The challenge we were faced with was not an easy one – creating an IT department from scratch, whose initial aim was to support surveyors’ tasks connected to creating maps. Becoming associated with a company of such long history and traditions did not always resemble a pleasant experience, however both parties simply had to leave the comfort zone for greater good and merge into a fully working entity. Noteworthy is the fact, that disputes and brainstorming sessions were inseparable parts of the amended changes.

When we joined forces, we were not beginners. Years of experience within different companies with similar scope of services allowed us to gain practical knowledge, know-how as well as proper perception over certain aspects of business, which later helped shape a clear vision on our department’s further development.

Over the course of the following years, we started collaborating with numerous high-profile companies and clients from Poland and abroad, many of which we continue to work until this day. Since the very beginning, we have acquired new clients and projects with no marketing team on board, relying completely on numerous recommendations we received over the years. Our devotion and hard work appeared to be the best marketing tool we could have ever asked for.

We havea long historyof makinggreat thingshappen

In 2017, we decided to create a new dedicated brand to represent our services and products. It is important to note that we still remain an integral part of OPGK Rzeszów S.A.

It is a great pleasure to be able to work with people full of passion, ambitions and willingness to develop themselves.

Reading about the company’s history, you may have noticed that the word ‘we’ is used a lot. That is also a very important value to which we want to stick to at OPGK Software. We value all opinions, regardless of position.

What’s next?

Currently there are over 60 people the OPGK Software team. Our ultimate goal for the upcoming months/years is to focus more on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business processes. The number of threats and opportunities within this subject matter forces us not to stay indifferent. We continue to broaden our knowledge and expertise to prepare an offer that will outline the possibilities of streamlining business processes.

We also pursue to diversify the products we already offer to companies worldwide.




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You hire quality and excellence

We live our values.


Settling for great is fine, but we prefer to reach for the sky.


For us, creativity is not a skill. It is about character and personality – being a brave dreamer.


We do not follow the standard rules, we create our own. That is what makes us unique.

Being self-driven

Personal drive, commitment, initiative and optimism. We always go the ‘extra mile’ to create lasting experiences.


We believe that honesty is the key to forming successful business partnerships.


The needs of our clients and contractors are put first. Being professional is not only about being an expert. It is about maintaining highest standards of trustworthiness and reliability.

Uruguay, the USA, Germany, France, the UK, Poland and many others.

Among many, we use: .NET, PHP, JavaScript, React Native, Angular JS, Node JS, Perl and Python.

Depends on a project. Our scope of services is broad, therefore we need different processes.

Continuous Integration
Prince 2


We have a clear mission,
vision and high-quality standards

At OPGK Software we understand both technology and business.