it allStarted

Our adventure with Artificial Intelligence started some time ago. Actually, almost by an accident. We started a brainstorming session on what to do for an HR conference we were attending as an exhibitor. One of the ideas seemed crazy and exciting enough – Air Hockey driven by AI.

At first, we wondered which ready-made tools to use, however we decided to go a step further and build the whole prototype, which was meant to be used once only, with the help of Arduino mainboard and OpenCV library.

It took quite some time and numerous sessions to make sure everything worked properly. After a while, we reached an effect that was interesting. The only problem we had was the mechanical part related to the engine.


Thebig deal

After gaining some additional knowledge and finishing a few smart courses, we have learned how to apply AI to Geographic Information System. Thanks to our Cartography team we were able to collect enough reference data to build an AI model for recognizing certain parts of terrain on the map and classifying them based on prepared reference data.

We continue to build our competences in AI and we are eager to meet and talk to people who are also interested in this subject.


If you feel that automation and machine learning is something what could help you out with your daily work – let’s get in touch to see how our team can be of assistance.

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