5 Reasons NOT to Include Automation in Your ITSM Strategy

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If you work in IT service management chances are, if you’re not already automating your processes, you’re certainly talking about getting started, am I right?

Like most, it’s likely that your organization’s IT department has limited resources but the workload just keeps on growing. All the research you’ve been doing up until this point has led you to believe that automation is the way to go.

But are IT vendors simply pushing automation on you because it’s what they sell? Are they right to say that everyone is doing it so you should too? Is automation really as good as people make out or is actually incredibly overrated?

‘The workflow automation market was valued at USD 4.26 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach USD 18.45 Billion by 2023.’ With stats like this, it’s no wonder that automation is the focus for so many.

Is Automation Right for Your Organization?

Here we look at five reasons why you might not want to include automation in your IT service management strategy.

 You Don’t Want to Save Time

If saving time isn’t on your agenda then you need not to worry about automation at all.

Automation is going to speed your processes up – whether it’s creating your weekly reports, managing service desk tickets, or detecting problems within your organization’s IT infrastructure. With automation, all of these tasks will be completed far quicker than you’re used to leaving you with time to concentrate on more complex tasks.

If you find you already have too many hours in the day maybe skip the automated processes and carry on as you are.

You Don’t Want to Combat Employee Overwhelm

Because automation has the ability to reduce workload for your staff you might find that they’re happier at work.

Automation can prevent your IT service desk staff from dealing with repeat incidents, help to detect and fix incidents quickly and, when you start getting really fancy, can even take tickets from an open status all the way through to resolution without the need for any human intervention at all.

Automating menial tasks and freeing staff up to deal with more challenging issues will not only reduce workload for them but will also motivate them as they will feel like they’re able to make a difference at work.

If you’re not interested in creating a more pleasant working environment for your staff then automation can be left to those that do.

You Don’t Want to Avoid Human Error

Perhaps you like it when your IT service desk agents send tickets to the wrong resolving team because they didn’t have the information they needed to assist them. Maybe you like the delays that human errors cause. Or the cost. Or the unhappy customers affected by these mistakes.

If this sounds like you then there is no need to start bothering with automation because this technology is guaranteed to help iron out those problems.

Automated workflows ensure that the service you provide is not only faster but also consistent. Automation doesn’t lose focus, get sick or need a holiday. It can work for you around the clock helping to avoid human error, saving your organization time and money in the long run.

 You Don’t Want Your Customers to Follow Process

Customers are often finding ways to get around following a process when they believe a process doesn’t work.

With automation, your processes will become quicker and more accurate. Over time your customers will come to recognize that following the process is the best way to get their issues resolved or their inquiries answered.

If you’re happy with your customers avoiding processes and trying to get their IT pains resolved in their own way then you’ll be safe to overlook automating these.

 You Don’t Want to Reduce Costs
Does your IT budget have so much money in it that you aren’t sure how to spend it all by the end of the financial year? If you’re answering a resounding yes to this question then you certainly shouldn’t be looking to automate anything at all.

Because automation runs for you 24/7, works faster and more accurately than your staff, and can effectively reduce your department’s workload you are going to see a reduction in your IT support costs. You could stick to manual processes if you’ve got money to burn.

Yes, we admit it, we’re huge fans of automation and we firmly believe that it’s the way forward. As you can see from the above, there are really no good reasons not to include automation in your ITSM strategy.

All IT departments are being challenged to cut costs while getting more work done – automation is a sure fire way to help you get there.

If you’re ready to get on board with automation and need to find a tool for the job you can talk to us about our new product, Mint Service Desk or read more about it, here. 

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