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A problem solver for managing internal infrastructure

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Coordinated and global view of assets

Monitor asset status, attributes, flow, location, users and usage at any step of an asset lifecycle. Receive insight into the operational health of an asset and its composite systems.

Optimize costs related to asset usage

Make informed business decisions to leverage balance costs, risks, opportunities and performance.

Create and manage complex processes within asset lifecycle

Establish insightful process management for assets and asset groups, create steps, approvals and dismissals for better risk evaluation and management.

Improved focus on data quality

Provide essential asset information, attributes, enable assigning attributes and their groups.

Optimize operations and maintenance

Limit capital and operational expenditures to maximize return on asset investment. An advanced IoT-enabled visualization, diagnosis and optimization processes enable creating higher value-add potential.

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Manage Processes

Create and manage processes for given asset categories.

Inteligentny obiekt wektorowy

Dynamic Attributes

Create dynamic attributes and their groups for
given categories.

Dynamic Search

Quick and parameterised search engine.
Filter results easily.


Live Chat

Swift communication between
an asset holder and a stakeholder.

Ordering Assets

Utilize company assets
with part-and/or full-time availability.


Roles and Permissions

Manage user roles and permissions
in an easy and intuitive way.

Multi-Company and Language

Implement the system as a core repository for exchanging information in your company.


Geographic Information System

Flexible structure enables storing
and presenting geological data.

Resourcer is suitable for all types of organizations that seek the possibility of managing given asset groups.

Dynamic attributes, as well as their groups, enable to create a detailed description to a given group of assets. Advanced search engine for assets follows the best practices used by the most recognized marketplaces around the world.

Process manager

Create a set of processes for all instances, assets and their groups.

Create processes in a flexible way

Build workflows, recurring processes and standard operating procedures thanks to an intuitive design.

Set up steps

Establish detailed roadmap for your assets by setting up steps, ticket categories and action types. Request required user integration, delete and edit existing steps.

Approval process

Create approval process scenarios for clear and controllable in-house procedures.

Decide upon steps

Make sure company assets follow a certain flow, set up procedures, request permissions, decline requests, complete tasks on each stage of assets journey.

Assets record

Keep track of assets, edit and broaden information for each unit.

Resourcer for iot

IoT-enabled Resourcer utilizes IoT sensors, which allow to actively track specific information about company’s assets with no human involvement. Such IoT sensors can be attached to assets instead of or along with more conventional asset tags and gather information on status, location, etc.


Automation & Intelligence

Based on the gathered data, IoT-enabled Resourcer can provide you with real-time alerts, predictive analytics, automatic reporting, data insights and more by managing and tracking information of multiple devices.

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